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    Guangzhou BingKe Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. , After more than a number of high-tech experts for years of research and development, now has a unique core technology in the world"Private energy saving water heater”. Bingke natural energy energy-saving water heater is the national advocate energy saving, saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and safety of green product promotion, Than all brands of air to water heaters and other water heaters to save electricity 40%-70%,Every year for hotels, sauna, foot massage, hairdressing, schools, hospitals, factories, etc. a large number of troops with hot water unitsSave tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars of electricity, let you really enjoy the "army of natural energy saving water heater" to bring you the wealth.
    Military products in the summer indoor mechanism of cold hot water is zero cost, In the winter season and excessive indoor machine does not need refrigeration can also separate hot water, an air heater and other water heater to save electricity above 40%, and the yield is big.
    Military science is the microcomputer and has the function of remote monitoring and control, ensure you one year four seasons every day there are plenty of hot water use, remote monitoring and control system function and can be timely informed of each part of the machine is working properly, convenient in maintenance, is true for you to solve the worries.

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